Islamic Centre for Nolan Hill & Neighboring Communities

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About The Project

As the population of Muslim families in the upper North-West region of Calgary continues to grow, there has been a genuine need for an Islamic Centre to be established somewhere within the region. 


The communities of this region such as Nolan Hill, Sherwood, Sage Hill, Kincora, Evanston and many more have had to endure many struggles as the closest Islamic Centre’s have been anywhere from 15-20 minutes away.


We are excited to announce that we have decided to fill this void and establish an Islamic Centre in a central area, at the inner edge of Nolan Hill to facilitate the growing religious and spiritual needs of this Calgary North-West area.


Our hope is to start as many educational programs as possible for the benefit of Muslim children & adults in these communities.


For this project to be successful, we will need the help from members of all neighboring communities, financially and spiritually, especially through your duaas.


Expected Services

Why Nolan Hill

Proximity to Many Communities with Muslim Families

Islamic Centre Within Our Neighborhood

Ability to Benefit Local Adults & Children Spiritually

About Al-Ansaar

Current Programs

This facility currently accomodates:

• 5 daily salawat in congregation as well as jumu’ah salah

• Part-time Alimiyyah program - 45 students

• Tahfeedhul-Qur’an Program (Weekdays/Evenings) over 45 students

• Evening Qur’an and Islamic School (Weekdays/Afternoons) – Over 100 students

• Full-time Tahfeedhul-Quran with Alberta accredited academics - 20 students

Pledge Form

*Donors will be provided tax-deductible receipts inshaAllah*