Keeping the Faith:
21st Century Mordern Day Muslims

December 24, 2023

21st Century Muslims

In this day and age when fitna is at its height, a question arises; How can people protect themselves from fitnah with regards to their religious commitment when every aspect of the world becomes fitna for the believers? 

To answer this very question we have curated this event that will go over modern day fitnas, fiqh regarding secular holidays, importance of Propeht Isa (A.S) and Maryam (A.S), and hadith on taking advantage of 5 things before 5. 

Event Speakers

Shaykh Numan Goraya

Founder of Al-Ansaar Islamic Foundation

Shaykh Jahangir Bashir Awan

Teacher at Al-Ansaar Islamic Foundation

Shaykh Umar Kholwadia

Teacher at Al-Ansaar Islamic Foundation

Shaykh AbdulRahman Khattab

Imam at CICSW

Event TOpics

Isa Ibn Maryam and Islam

Navigating Islam in Times of Fitna

Prophet Muhammad's Hadith on 5 before 5

Fiqh of Holidays


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