About Us

Our Story

The Al-Ansaar Islamic Foundation was started by a group of highly dedicated and passionate Muslims, with a focus on knowledge and scholarship. Our ambition centres around the idea of contributing to communities by creating leaders, educators, and conscious individuals. We are ultimately concerned with building strong communities that impact the lives of others and motivate, inspire, and contribute to the good of humanity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an organization that creates opportunities for all groups of life irrespective of their colour, origin, gender or religion by creating awareness within community members and involving various leaders to make a greater difference.

Our Vision

The Arabic word Ansaar is a plural of the word “Nasir,” meaning helper. The Al-Ansaar Islamic Foundations was created to build the characters of men and women, encouraging them to take the initiative to help others throughout Canada and the world. We also have the vision to instill a realization of giving back to all within our influence.