Student Policies

General Guidelines

Class Attendance Policy


Regular and punctual attendance is mandatory for all students.


If a student is unable to attend, they are required to notify the madrasah in advance.

Students with an attendance rate below 90% will not be permitted to advance to the next academic year. Additionally, they will not be eligible to enroll in the following year unless they have obtained prior permission from the Institute.





Students are encouraged to speak to their year head as soon as possible if they are experiencing any difficulties which may affect their academic progress. We will do what we can to support you.




Exam and Promotion

Students must achieve the pass mark and achieve minimum attendance to ensure promotion to the next year.

The institute will exercise its discretion for students who score below the pass mark or are absent for any of the examinations based on various criteria, including attendance in class and performance during the year.


On-Site Attendance Guidelines for Students




Classes are conducted at Al-Ansaar Islamic Centre
#120 3670 63 Ave NE
Calgary, Alberta T3J 0G7






Students are advised against parking on Al-Ansaar Islamic Centre to prevent obstruction of neighbouring factories’ entrances.




Classroom Regulations


During lessons, no food (including chewing gum) or beverages are permitted in the classrooms. However, water bottles are allowed.


Any student found engaging in severe misconduct, such as smoking, disrespect towards staff members, or damage to madrasah property, will be promptly dismissed from the madrasah without prior warning.




Lost Property


If students misplace any belongings at the madrasah, they should promptly notify the Institute. Unclaimed belongings left at the madrasah will be disposed of by the institute after a two-week period.




Dress Code


All students are required to adhere to a dress code that includes wearing formal, respectful, and modest clothing.