Al-Ansaar relief foundation

You Can Make a Difference

Our charity is transparent and trustworthy, providing individuals with the opportunity to give freely and find fulfillment in life. We are devoted to providing basic necessities to those less fortunate individuals as well as helping families achieve greater happiness. With a comprehensive list of projects, donors may choose whom and how to help.

Goals of Al-Ansaar Relief

Provide Basic Necessities
for People in Need

Improve Quality of Life
for Individuals & Families

Provide Opportunities
to Find Fulfillment

We Care For A Better Life

Sadaqa donations


Sadaqa is the concept of giving charity voluntarily. Sadaqa can be used for any project or program and may also include non-monetary donations, such as acts of service and other good deeds. Generosity, love, compassion and faith are at the centre of all Sadaqa donations.

zakaat charitable donation


Zakat is calculated as a percentage of 2.5% on any surplus wealth and is a foundational pillar of Islam. This obligatory charitable donation can help to ease the suffering of people worldwide. We can help you calculate Zakat and keep you informed about your donation status and our ongoing charity work.

al ansaar marriage counselling

Marriage Counselling

Marriage unites two people, but like all relationships, it requires work and may not always be easy. Our marriage counselling services can help couples become stronger through conflict.

al ansaar religion counselling

Religious Counselling

It can be difficult to maintain devotion to your religion. Following Islam requires patience, sacrifice, and singleness of heart and mind. If you are struggling with any aspect of your faith, we can help you regain and reestablish your devotion.

Apply for Relief

Apply For Relief

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  • Please upload a copy of your government-issued photo Id, void cheque, proof of income and other documents to justify your claim.
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