Shaykh Hashim Ahmad

A former musician by profession, he grew up in Los Angeles, CA and spent his teenage years there during the 1960’s in pursuit of his musical career. During the same era the urge to acquire spiritual development and perfection continued to become more and more predominant until he realized that therein alone lay the secret of true success for man. He therefore left America in 1970 in pursuit of the true and pure path towards spiritual development and the real meaning and way of life as prescribed by the Creator of the universe in its original form. After extensive travel and search he finally accepted Islam in Ethiopia in 1971.

He eventually took admission at the Jami’ah Umm al-Qura in Makkah Mukarramah where he completed a degree from the Faculty of Da’wah wa Usul al-Din with specialization in the Sciences of Quran and Hadith. He thereafter was deputed by Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Bin Baz, then Chief Mufti of Saudi Arabia, as a teacher at Jami’at al-‘Ulum al-Islamiyyah, Binnori Town, Karachi.

He served at the Jami’at al-‘Ulum al-Islamiyyah teaching various Islamic subjects in the Arabic medium from 1985-1992. From 1992 onward he taught at Madrasah ‘A’ishah Siddiqah for girls in Karachi, and later at one of its branches, Madrasah Maryam.




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