Full-Time Taḥfīẓ al-Qur'ān

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The full-time Taḥfīẓ al-Qurʾān program provides a rare opportunity to diligently study Islam, and become a ḥāfiẓ, without compromising on secular education. The ḥifẓ program is carefully designed to focus on individual capabilities and potentials.

Embark on your journey in memorizing the Qur'ān

Islamic Knowledge

Diligently Memorize the Qur'ān

Students of this course will be traditionally taught the method of memorization of the Holy Qur'ān with proper tajwīd. The syllabus has been meticulously prepared in a manner that enables each student to memorize the entire Qur'ān and retain it through consistent revisions and testing.

Study Academics Alongside Qur'ān

Academic education is vital to a truly successful student, not only to prepare them to think analytically and grasp complex subjects but also to present and solve problems in an effective way. We believe a successful educational program plays a significant role in providing availability of greater career prospects and comfortable lifestyles available for the student which is why we offer Alberta accredited academic education alongside our Taḥfīẓ classes.

Tarbiyah - Islamic Mannerisms

Teacher-student relationships are crucial in fostering long-term love of Islamic Studies as well as an appreciation for the social dimension of Islamic education. As such, we encourage frequent events and activities for youth such as Story Hours or pizza parties and the like to ensure that students are enjoying their experience.

Outcomes Of Full-Time Taḥfīẓ

The Holy Qur'ān

Exemplary Lifestyle
Through Moral Training

Complete Schooling
Without Disruption


Location & Fees

Class Schedule

Class Timings

7:45 AM to 4:30 PM

Lunch & Snack Breaks

During Class Times

Gym & Fun Activities

Once Weekly

Alberta Accredited Academic Classes

Students will be taught academics according to their grades by an exclusive school teacher throughout the day

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