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What Is Darul-Uloom

The goal of Darul-Uloom is to provide higher Islamic education. Students will learn to stand up to the challenges and needs of Muslims in North America, playing the crucial roles of guides, mentors and educators for the growing communities.

Outcomes Of Darul-Uloom

Exemplary Lifestyle
Through Moral Training

Profound Guidance
From Religious Texts

Authentic Islamic
Knowledge & Understanding

Education of Islamic Knowledge

The necessity for authentic Islamic knowledge is no less than the need for pure, clean water. Today, amidst trying times and new challenges, the demand for scholars possessing in-depth knowledge of Islam and a profound understanding of modern Muslim societies is apparent. We believe these educated scholars will have a tremendous impact on the social and religious wellbeing of society. We understood the need for an institute of higher Islamic education. Darul-Uloom is a place where an understanding of Islam is taught at advanced levels, and students are trained to have exemplary morals and manners.

Our Courses

DUA Preliminary Registration