Evening Qur'ān & Islamic Studies

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The Evening Qurʾān & Islamic Studies classes provides small children the opportunity to learn how to read the Qurʾān while also giving them all the essential Islamic knowledge required at their age. The Qurʾān class, specifically, is carefully designed to focus on individual capabilities and potentials.

Embark on your journey in learning the Qur'ān

Islamic Knowledge

Learn How to Read the Qur'ān

Students in this class will be traditionally taught the method of reciting the Holy Qur'ān with proper tajwīd. The syllabus has been meticulously prepared to take a child from the very basics of Arabic to the level where they can independently read the Qur'ān in the manner it was read by our Prophet ﷺ.

Basic Islamic Studies Alongside Qur'ān

Basic foundational Islamic knowledge is vital to a young Muslim child as they grow up, not only to prepare them for their life ahead, but also for them to be good Muslims and for them to be successful in the next life as well. We implement and teach a world renowned curriculum that has been prepared for children to progress through according to their ages.

Tarbiyah - Islamic Mannerisms

Tarbiyah, a good Islamic upbringing, is necessary for every Muslim child. In our classes, we do not lose focus of this very important obligation, to ensure that our children love Islam and love the Islamic way of life.

Outcomes Of Evening Qur'ān Classes

Learn to Read
The Holy Qur'ān

Exemplary Lifestyle
Through Moral Training

Learn Necessary
Islamic Knowledge


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