How Do You Donate Zakat

Zakat is a unique kind of charitable payment obligatory to every Muslim adult. 

However, people who donate Zakat should meet the criteria based on their nisab and hawl. They can contribute a certain amount of wealth, about 25% of their savings. These donations help people who are in great need.

So, when you donate Zakat, it purifies your wealth alongside your soul, body, and possessions – which brings you closer to Allah. See how you can donate Zakat here. 

Understanding How to Donate Zakat

What is Zakat?

Almsgiving, or Zakat, is one of the five pillars of Islam. Precisely, it is a form of confirmation and declaration of a Muslim’s faith in Allah. In addition, Zakat has a special mention in the Quran about 32 times. That speaks about the importance and significance of Zakat. 

Different from other types of donations, eligible Muslims should pay Zakat as instructed by Allah. So, before you donate Zakat, you should know whether or not you are eligible to make the donations. 

Therefore, an individual should meet these conditions:

  • They should practice the Muslim religion
  • An individual must be sound of mind
  • They must be free
  • They should be an adult 
  • An individual should have a proper flow of wealth in the form of either cash or goods
  • They should meet the nisab criteria while staying there for a complete lunar year

Different types of people make other payments depending on their wealth. And how much you owe relies on your gold or silver value. For example, if you choose your donation based on the value of gold, you would pay a high amount.

What Are the Different Ways to Donate Zakat?

There are several organizations and welfare trusts that take your Zakat payment. Along with that, there are lots of ways that help you give them money. 

Here are some common ways that many people opt for regarding donations:

  • Making the payment through an online transfer
  • Bank transfer is another popular choice 
  • You can avail of donation collection centers
  • You can even call the concerned authority to collect your Zakat donation from your doorstep

Where Does Your Zakat Money Go?

The primary reason for collecting Zakat is to support those who need it most. In short, money should make their lives better. In Islam, you are entrusted with the duty to care for your brothers and sisters through Zakat. 

That way, you can help them receive their daily necessities. Zakat money goes to benefit people who are less fortunate compared the others. 

Allah outlined eight permissible causes for Zakat, which are as follows:

  • The needy
  • Poverty-stricken people
  • The debt-ridden
  • Those in bondage
  • People whose hearts need reconciliation
  • The wayfarer
  • Zakat charities
  • Those who fight for Allah

Zakat establishes proper support for the poor and needy. In doing so, it has the power to change the world. And, all these things can happen with you paying for this noble cause. That’s why it’s important to know how to donate Zakat properly.

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