Mishkat Institute islamic school

What is the Mishkat Institute?

Under the Mishkat Institute, a range of educational events, day-long seminars, crash-courses, and weekly classes are offered in partnership under Al-Ihsan. The goal of the Mishkat Institute is to educate the masses of Muslims as we recognize that full-time institutional learning is not practical for most individuals and families.

Outcomes of the Mishkat Institute

Comprehensive and
Engaging Islamic Study

Basic Learning &
Understanding of Arabic

Social Engagement With a Community of Muslims


Foundational Education for All Muslims

We believe a foundational understanding of Islam is vital to building strong Muslim communities in Canada and worldwide. By making this knowledge more accessible through online and part-time courses, we are empowering scholars to take charge of their education and eventually step up to fill crucial roles as leaders and mentors.

Our Courses

Mishkat Preliminary Registration