Part-Time Aalimiyya Program

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To fulfill the objective of disseminating Islamic knowledge, Al-Ansaar Institute offers a part-time ʿĀlimiyyah program for members of the community who are passionate about developing their Islamic education and spirituality.

Embark on your journey in seeking knowledge

Islamic Knowledge

Learn Various Islamic Sciences

The students in this program traverse a carefully curated curriculum encompassing the various Islamic sciences. This comprehensive curriculum includes the sciences associated with The Holy Qurʾān, the Prophetic narrations (Ḥadīth), Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), and the Arabic language.

Certified Instructors

Certified instructors meticulously aid the students throughout their journey of absorbing and internalizing classical texts while demonstrating how to correctly apply this knowledge to the students' lives.

Recieve 'Ijaza Upon Completion

Upon the successful completion of this program, the students become certified in the Islamic sciences (ʾijāza) and are also granted a chain of learning (ʾisnād) which connects them, teacher by teacher, to our beloved prophet Muḥammad, the peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him.

Outcomes Of Darul-Uloom

Exemplary Lifestyle
Through Moral Training

Profound Guidance
From Religious Texts

Authentic Islamic
Knowledge & Understanding


Location & Fees

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