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Part-Time Aalimiyya Program 2022/2023

What is the Goal of this Program?


Today, amidst trying times and new challenges, the need for authentic scholars possessing true and deep knowledge of Islam, as well as profound understanding of modern Muslim societies is apparent. It is time that we formally train and educate talented individuals from our local communities to stand up to the challenges and needs of Muslim communities in North America by playing the crucial roles of guides, mentors and educators.


What is this Program?


This program is a structured, multi-year course based upon a classical Islamic studies curriculum implemented worldwide covering the various Islamic sciences through a strong foundation in Arabic. It is designed to successfully educate and empower students to reach a high academic understanding in Arabic, Jurisprudence, Hadith, Creed, Quranic Recitation, Exegeses, and other necessary principles connected to Islam, along with keeping a strong connection with authorized Muslim scholars and Islamic scholarship.

What is Achieved by the Bachelors?

The Licence in Islamic Scholarship is the most distinguished degree awarded from a teacher to their student and can be somewhat likened to post-graduate degrees awarded in the Canadian education system. After successfully completing the final exams, students will graduate from the Institute as an “Alim” in full, with a portfolio of asānīd and ijāzāt collected over the years studying with the Institute. Therefore, obtaining the Shahadah Aalamiyyah (proof of Islamic scholarship) which is a testament to their recognized ability to now serve the community as a leader.


Requirements for enrollment:

•    Desire to learn the sacred sciences of Islam
•    Basic ability to read the Qur’an
•    Strong work ethic
•    Punctuality and Seriousness

•    Fridays: 8-10:30 pm MST
•    Saturdays & Sundays: 7:45 am – 12:30 pm MST

•    Classes begin May 20, 2022

Al-Ansaar Islamic Centre
3670 63 Ave NE #120, Calgary, AB T3J 0G7

Brothers only. Sister’s classes will begin soon in’shaa’Allah. Stay tuned!

Due to the high demand, a interview will be required after the preliminary registration.

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