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Ramadan Revival

Program Details

Date: February 11, 2024

Time: 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Audience: Girls aged 10 and above

Halaqa (1:30–2:15 PM)

Topic: Virtues of Ramadan, including guidance on fulfilling missed Siyam.

Note: We’ll discuss the significance of Ramadan and practical ways to observe it.


Kahoot Game (2:15–2:40 PM)

Create your own questions and participate in an interactive quiz!

Engage with fellow participants and test your knowledge.


Tahfeez Game (2:45–3:15 PM)

For students who have memorized the 30th Juz of the Quran.

How it works: The examiner reads an Ayah from any Surah, and the first team member to press the button continues the Ayah. Winning team members receive small canvases as prizes.


Potluck + Asr Prayer (3:15–4:00 PM)

Bring your favorite dish to share during the potluck.

We’ll conclude with the Asr prayer.


Join us for an enriching and enjoyable afternoon! 🌟