Should Muslims Give To Charity During Ramadan?

The spirit of giving and charity is infused into the Islamic religion. Regardless of the time of year, zakat and sadaqah are constantly in our thoughts as we actively strive to better our community and help those around us.

However, whenever Ramadan is upon us, we often find ourselves motivated to give back a little more than usual. So is giving to charity mandatory during Ramadan? And why is there such an emphasis on donation during this time? 

Let’s explore why so many Muslims are inspired to give to charity during Ramadan.

Why Muslims Give To Charity During Ramadan


Zakat is one of the five pillars of individual worship on which Islam is built. To fulfill this particular fundamental foundation, an obligatory payment of 2.5% of an individual’s surplus wealth is given every year. However, one can choose to pay more if they are so able, while others do not have to pay if they do not meet the Nisab threshold. This money is then divided up and given to those who have qualified as beneficiaries of the payment.

While paying zakat is not required during Ramadan specifically, many Muslims opt to offer their payments at this time. Ramadan is considered the holy month, so higher spiritual rewards await those who are able to donate zakat during this time.

While Muslims generously donate to charities throughout the year, the numbers are particularly impressive during Ramadan. Islamic Relief UK estimates that £150 million were donated to charity during Ramadan by British citizens alone.

Five Pillars

As mentioned above, charity is one of the five pillars of Islam, in addition to fasting, prayer, faith, and a pilgrimage to Mecca. During the holy month, people practice generosity and a spirit of giving.

For those who are unable to offer zakat, at least during Ramadan, focusing on sadaqah is often a popular option. Sadaqah is a voluntary charitable donation, with no fixed percentage or requirements. This allows Muslims to fulfill their fifth obligation during Ramadan and embody the ideals of the holy month.

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