Where To Donate Zakat

As qualifying adult Muslims gather their wealth every year to donate zakat, they can feel good about the positive impact they will have on their community. As one of the five pillars of Islam, fulfilling charitable obligations is an incredibly valued aspect of the faith. 

Admittedly, calculating your required zakat donation can be confusing, and determining how and which elements of your personal wealth can be shared can be a journey. Therefore, once you’ve established your zakat donation, it makes sense that you’d be eager to give that away.

But where exactly do you donate your zakat to? Let’s take a look.

Where Your Zakat Donation Goes To

Who Qualifies

Zakat cannot be offered to just anyone, regardless of whether you feel they could use the extra help. The Holy Qur’an outlines which individuals are eligible to receive zakat donations. These eight categories are:

  • Fakir: those with little or no income or wealth
  • Miskin: those who are without food
  • Amil: anyone designated to collect and distribute zakat
  • Riqab: anyone held involuntarily in captivity or as a slave
  • Garmin: those struggling with unmanageable debt
  • Fisabilillah: those fighting for Allah
  • Ibnus Sabil: struggling and/or stranded travellers
  • Muallaf: friends of the Islamic community and/or revert Muslims

How Do I Pay It?

Fortunately, the methods of making zakat donations have modernized, and you can simply make your payment online. This allows for a quick and simple process, enabling you to fulfill your obligations in no time.

Where To Send It

You are able to choose a zakat-accepting charity of your choice, provided they meet the requirements of who is eligible to receive zakat. While your selections are not as broad as they would be for sadaqah, as that is optional and personally-driven charity, there are still a good number of charities to choose from. Some organizations in Canada that accept zakat include:

  • Transparent Hands
  • National Zakat Foundation
  • Islamic Relief Canada
  • Canada Zakat
  • IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation)
  • MIZAN (Muslims Implementing Zakat Associated Network)
  • Canada Helps
  • Human Concern International
  • Muslim Association of Canada

Feel free to take your time and research which organization you would most like to donate zakat to. There is no hard deadline of when your donations need to be made; rather, they need to be made once every lunar year. While Ramadan is a popular time for Muslims to pay zakat, it’s by no means a set rule, and you are able to make your donation on your own schedule.

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