What is the Muslim Care-Line?

There are many ways for us to find guidance and support in our daily lives. One of the ways that our Muslim charity has found to be particularly helpful is the Muslim care-line we launched. For a full review of this service, continue reading down below. 


What the Muslim Care-Line Does


The Muslim care-line is an ongoing project funded by our Muslim charity, the Al-Ansaar Islamic Foundation. This care line helps Muslims in distress who are looking for support, advice or help. Our compassionate and understanding Ulema provide guidance and advice for these individuals in a convenient and accessible environment. 


When to Use the Muslim Care-Line


Using the Muslim care-line is simple and easy. All you need to do is navigate to the correct page on the website and select a time that works best for you. Current booking times are available on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, meaning there is always a reliable time slot available for compassionate support and advice. Keep in mind that Wednesday bookings are for females only, and Thursday bookings are for males only. 

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Who Can Use the Muslim Care-Line


The Muslim care-line is available to everyone looking for advice, guidance and support from an Ulema within the Muslim community. As part of the services offered by our Muslim charity, this service is a great opportunity to learn more about what ails you and how to address it appropriately. 


The Al-Ansaar Islamic Foundation was started by a group of highly dedicated and passionate Muslims with a focus on knowledge and scholarship. Our ambition centres around the idea of contributing to communities by creating leaders, educators, and conscious individuals. We are ultimately concerned with building strong communities that impact the lives of others and motivate, inspire, and contribute to the good of humanity. Contact us toll-free at 1 (855) 633-6222